In the end of the 1990's, Jens Lindberg decided it was time to start a new group, focused on playing the more moody stuff related to the 60's garage music scene. The group was named The Maharajas.

During this period Jens, and the drummer of the band, Anders Öberg got involved in a new project: The Maggots. For a while, the Maharajas ceased to exist. Together with Måns Månsson the Maggots soon released a couple of singles on various labels around Europe.

But Jens and Anders had difficulties in keeping up with Måns in his effort to make the Maggots famous. Summer of 1999, Jens and Anders left the Maggots, and took up the Maharajas once more. This time Anders introduced Ulf Guttormsson as a new friend and bass player to Jens. The trio recorded a four-song demo at the beginning of 2000. Once again foreign labels were interested in the group’s moody music.

2001 was also the year when Mathias Lilja, former singer/guitarist of the Strollers, joined Maharajas. With him in the band, the group was now ready for their first full-length album “H-minor”.

The band is based in Stockholm and Örebro have a well-established and dedicated following on the international garage-rock scene. Fuzz drenched Class AAA Swedish neo garage-rock armed with snotty and heartfelt vocals. A never ending parade of catchy original songs. Blistering 70’s oozing power-pop blended with fab moody folk-rock, a pinch of tripped out psychedelia and on top, irresistible punk rock attitude.

Never retro and always exciting! No wonder Little Steven (The Sopranos, Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street Band) states The Maharajas as his favorite band.

Not many bands in the Universe can pull of pounding tunes and angst ballads like these fine Swedes. It’s infectious and addictive and makes you wanna drink, dance and holler.
Jens Lindberg says: Decades dosen’t matter you will find influences from all good rock made between 1950 and today.

Compared to their previous release their sixth album You Can't Beat Youth marks a return to the bands '60s garage roots and moody sound. Most of the new songs were penned by Jens Lindberg, bearing his quality mark of emotional and sometimes moody tunes. Long time co-writer and bass player Ulf Guttormsson also contributes wuth a couple of tracks.

The Maharajas current line-up contains the garage rock legend Jens Lindberg (formerly in Crimson Shadows, Stomachmouth, Wylde Mammoths, The Maggots), Ulf Guttormsson the main song writer, Jesper Karlsson the new drummer (formerly in The Thunder Express, Diamond Dogs) and Mathias Lilja (also in the garage rock gods; The Strollers.)

All the Maharajas albums is now availble for download and streaming at Spotify, Bandcamp and iTunes

FREE MP3! Download: The Maharajas - Repo Man
The Maharajas:
Ulf Guttormsson - Bass and Vocals
Jesper Karlsson - Drums
Jens Lindberg - Vocals and Guitar
Mathias Lilja - Vocals and Guitar
Contact The Maharajas:
c/o Low Impact Records

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